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A local guide to Uluwatu...

Uluwatu is a beautiful location on the island best known for an impressive cliff-top temple of the same name. Overlooking the imposing cliffs, the temple plays host to a nightly fire dance ceremony which must be seen during your Bali adventure.

Uluwatu is also a popular destination with surfers where the unique beaches and cliffs combine to make a world-class surfing venue. Furthermore, as the destination is southern-facing, it enjoys good sun throughout the year.

This a quiet location lacking many of the crowds associated with more traditional tourist areas. It is a destination where you can relax and take in your beautiful surroundings.

Relax with a Uluwatu villa

Villas in Uluwatu typically overlook cliffs and - as a result - have breathtaking views of the Indian Ocean and Bali itself. Taking one of our villas will give you an amazing base to see the rest of the island while providing a retreat where you can relax with minimal interactions.