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A local guide to Sanur...

If you want a relaxed stay in Bali, Sanur is your region of choice. A calm location lacking the hustle and bustle of other places on the island, Sanur is renowned for its laid back vibes and easy-going locals.

This is Bali’s oldest and original tourist destination so - despite its quiet atmosphere - Sanur possesses great restaurants and beautiful beaches with sparkling, pristine water. The only real difference is fewer tourists.

A relaxed corner of the world

Sanur is ideal for those who want to escape the world for a few days. As it's based on the eastern side of Bali, it also benefits from truly unforgettable sunrises. Get up early enough and you won’t regret it!

Particularly popular with European visitors, Sanur retains much of the culture and arts of traditional Bali while still appealing to tourists. If you want to experience a more genuine side of Bali while taking advantage of modern comforts, you can’t go far wrong with booking a villa in Sanur.