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About Lovina

Lovina is an enchanting destination located on the north coast of the island. Similar to the rest of the regions situated in the north, it possesses a chilled-out vibe and the locals are generally more relaxed than those in the south.

People generally visit this area for the calm attitudes and the possibility of seeing dolphins in the Bali sea. Frequently seen in the morning, these animals are not too far from the coast and best seen by boat. However, it is worth picking dolphin-watching times carefully to avoid the view being crowded by vessels.

As well as this, Lovina possesses a range of attractions and excellent activities. We would especially recommend the Secret Garden of Sambangan - one of the island’s best kept secrets. Some trekking is involved but your efforts will be rewarded with cascading waterfalls and beautiful unspoilt scenery.

Relax with a Lovina villa

Lovina is an underrated gem of a location. Far from the developments in the south and possessing a chilled vibe unlike many of the other areas on the region, it’s a beautiful place to stay. Our luxury villas are located in stunning areas and perfect for your Bali stay. To see what accommodation is available, take a look at the selection above.