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A local guide to Jimbaran...

Jimbaran is home to Jimbaran beach - one of the best beaches in Bali. A long stretch with calm waters and idyllic surroundings, it should be one of your priority visits when staying on the island.

Jimbaran is also renowned for its fish dishes and the many related restaurants. All of them serving freshly caught fish under glorious sunsets. A coastal retreat seemingly isolated from the rest of the world, visitors can expect to see colourful boats and locals harvesting the catch of the day.

All ringed with tropical forest, it’s easy to forget your troubles and leave the hustle and bustle of modern life behind. Conveniently however, Jimbaran is close to the airport so tourists won’t have far to travel when they step off the plane.

Experience Bali with a Jimbaran villa

With the enchanting beachside shops and traditional Bali seafood cuisine, staying in Jimbaran might be your idea of a perfect tropical getaway. To compliment this, you don’t want to stay in a soulless hotel.

Instead, our villas in Jimbaran should get you as close to Bali culture as possible while allowing you to relax in style.