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A local guide to Canggu...

The place for surfers and all adopters of ‘cool’, Canggu is the most up and coming place in Bali at the moment. Whether searching for world-class beaches or some truly fashionable bars and clubs, Canggu has everything you could need.

A surfer’s paradise

The beaches of Canggu are a surfer’s paradise with three main places to choose from: Echo Beach, Berawa Beach, and Batu Bolong Beach. Echo Beach is generally more suitable for intermediate surfers but the others are better suited for beginners or those not quite ready to progress to the more challenging aspects of surfing.

Regardless of which beach you choose, all have stunning vistas and breathtaking surroundings. Surfing in Canggu is an experience unlike any other and must be seen to be believed - especially once the sun starts setting.

Relax in the rice fields

Canggu is popular with expats as a residential area and many villas are located in regions with beautiful views of the rice fields. After a few hours on the surf, we’d recommend relaxing in one of our villas and participating in some of the local pastimes. Yoga, for instance, is very popular among those residing in Canggu.