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A local guide to Candi Dasa...

Candi Dasa feels like a time capsule of an earlier Bali. Reminiscent of the island around 10 to 15 years ago, it has a slower pace of life than many of the other regions. Regardless, it is still tropical and the perfect setting to explore Eastern Bali.

The heart of Bali culture

A laid-back location, Candi Dasa is southern-facing, which means it benefits from good sunshine all through the day. As well as the benefits of staying in such a relaxed area, it is a stone’s throw from some truly excellent attractions in Bali.

For example, those interested in Bali culture may be interested in Tenganan Village - a part of the island made up of original Balinese people who predate those coming over from Java to form modern-day Hinduism. Furthermore, around ten miles from Candi Dasa lies Pasir Putih. This gorgeous white sand beach fringed by forest is the ideal place to unwind and enjoy some of that Bali sun.

These two are just some of the amazing features near Candi Dasa but - once you’re done exploring - we’d recommend Vincent’s Restaurant. A high quality location, it offers fantastic cuisine in a beautiful setting.

Journey to Candi Dasa and experience a classic Bali. Explore by day and relax by night at one of our pristine local villas.