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About Amed

Visiting Amed is similar to going back in time and seeing Bali from more than ten years ago. It has a slower pace of life than many other locations on the island and possesses beautiful, stunning vistas. Mount Agung, especially, rises in a perfect triangle stretching three kilometres into the sky.

Amed is also not one place but a series of more than four villages stretching along the east coast of the island - each containing a picturesque bay with white sands. Although tourists largely don’t come to this part of Bali, these beaches contain great opportunities for visitors. Snorkelling, especially, is very popular here.

Intrepid divers can even explore a World War 2 shipwrecked Japanese vessel just off the coast.

Otherwise, we’d recommend hiring a motorbike and going for a ride, exploring each of these villages and enjoying the wonderful scenery.

Simply put, Amed is the perfect example of a tropical paradise. Stay in this location and you’ll experience a destination unlike any other.

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Staying in an Amed villa is the perfect way to experience traditional Bali. Far away from the stresses of the modern world and even the tourist-centred parts of the island, it is the location to relax and enjoy scenery unlike any other.

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